Epokhe x Thomas Townend (Art Series)

Epokhe’s first Artist Series, emerges from a collaboration with the talented Australian tattoo artist Thomas Townend. This limited collection introduces a distinctive insignia on the renowned ‘Guilty’ frame, showcasing Thomas’s ‘Trad Style’ tattoo work.

The fusion of Townend’s signature blast style and Epokhe’s dedication to unique design results in an exclusive eyewear experience, where style meets resilience in the first ‘Artist Series’ edition.
‘Vacuum’ the latest visual portrait from director Kai Neville, offers a captivating visual collage of the Epokhe surf team.

Watch 'Vacuum' - A lo-fi surf film

Collected from various locations around the globe, these clips provide a kaleidoscopic depiction of their world.

Featuring - Creed McTaggart, Mark Occhilupo, Jaleesa Vincent, Craig Anderson, Dakoda Walters, Dion Agius, Shaun Manners, Jack Freestone, Taj Burrow, Chippa Wilson, Kaito Ohashi, Mitch Coleborn, Harry Bryant, Eithan Osborne, Lungi Slabb, Kanaiya Webb & Jai Glindeman.

'Ceremony' - A collection by Craig Anderson

Ceremony, the signature piece from Craig Anderson celebrates the luxury of silence and outback noir. Unfazed by isolation and in a celebration of solitude, Craig quiets the sound of daily minutia with ceremonial treks into the deserted unknown, returning with a cosmopolitan style and grace only achieved by someone who no longer looks back.